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Our Mission - To efficiently and effectively collect, safeguard, and distribute Unclaimed Property to the rightful owners.

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Missing Money is a web site authorized by the Arizona Department of Revenue and other states to list owners of Unclaimed Property. There is no cost to search for your property or to file a claim. If your name or the name of your business is listed, follow the instructions for filing a claim form on the web site.

Missing Money


Securities Report

Any stock or other equity interest in a business association or financial organization is presumed abandoned if the property remains unclaimed by the owner for more than three years after the date of the most recent dividend, stock split or other distribution.


Securities Remittance
Complete the Report of Abandoned Securities 650B.  All information must be typed or printed clearly in ink.

Stock must be registered in Arizona’s nominee name of CACTUS & CO.

Holders who participate in DTC (Depository Trust Company) must transfer re-registered securities directly to: DTC Participant #901; Account #822432; Agent Bank 26500; Tax ID #75-3121666.

Forward, via fax to Vilka Markovich (617) 722-9660, notification of securities being transferred at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the transfer. Include in this notification the following: Issue Name; CUSIP #, number of shares and depository number. If prior notification is not received by Ms. Markovich, the transfer will be rejected and returned to the holder.

Include a copy of the DTC confirmation along with the Unclaimed Property Report you submit to the Unclaimed Property Unit of the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans will not be accepted in book entry form. Convert each owners account to whole shares, and register the whole shares into our nominee name.  The report must indicate, for each individual owner, the number of whole shares and the amount of cash in lieu of fractional shares that are due.


Mutual Funds

Please transfer the abandoned shares to an account registered to the State of Arizona, Unclaimed Property Unit, Tax ID 86-6004791.

  Send all statements to:
Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Unit
Attn: Arizona Unclaimed Property Administrator
1600 W. Monroe Street Division Code 10
Phoenix, AZ 85007

A copy of the funds statement must be included with the report for each fund reported. Mutual fund statements must be sent to the address listed above.
It is incumbent upon holders to contact the individual mutual fund companies to inform them that as part of the annual escheatment process, they intend to transfer shares into an account for the State of Arizona.

If you need help, call (602) 716-6031 or (602) 716-6032.


Worthless or Non-transferable Securities

Do not report worthless or non-transferable securities to our office.  If these do become transferable or gain value, report and remit the shares at that time.  You will not be penalized for late reporting in these situations.

If you are reporting securities from a safe deposit box, please use the Instructions for Reporting Safe Deposit Box Contents.