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Our Mission - To efficiently and effectively collect, safeguard, and distribute Unclaimed Property to the rightful owners.

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Missing Money is a web site authorized by the Arizona Department of Revenue and other states to list owners of Unclaimed Property. There is no cost to search for your property or to file a claim. If your name or the name of your business is listed, follow the instructions for filing a claim form on the web site.

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Arizona Escheated Estates Listing as of January 2019


An escheated estate consists of property remitted to the Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Section when there are no known devisees or heirs to an estate, or when a devisee or heir cannot be located.  An heir, devisee, or their duly appointed representative has seven years from the time of sale of the escheated property to file a claim for the proceeds.


The Department will accept claims for seven years after the receipt date; this deadline to file a claim for consideration is documented on the Escheated Estate List as the “Filing Deadline” date.  As stated above, under Arizona law, A.R.S. §12-886, a person has seven years from the time of sale of the escheated property to collect the proceeds.  Some, or all, of the property may no longer be available prior to the Department’s filing deadline.


Please be aware that the Department does not maintain records related to the actual sale date(s). The Probate Court’s file contains official records documenting the sale(s) of the escheated property.  To calculate the deadline to collect proceeds you must look to the official court records for sale and liquidation dates.    


How do I claim?


The intent of the instructions below are to assist you in providing the appropriate paperwork  to file a claim for the proceeds of escheated estates and to inform you of the evidence that is required to support your claim.


The following is required to initiate a claim for an Escheated Estate:

  • Proof of Identification for the claimant and their Attorney in Fact.  Acceptable evidence is limited to a legible photocopy of official government issued photo identification or a notarized claim form.

The following evidence is required to support your claim and allow for payment:

  • A validly executed Power of Attorney agreement or a completed form AZ-285 UP as proof of your authority to act as Attorney in Fact on behalf of the heir or devisee. 
  • Death Certificates of the Original Owner and all deceased interceding heirs/devisees.
  • Proof of the relationship between the claimant and any intermediate heirs/devisees and, in turn, their relationship to the Original Owner.  Acceptable evidence is limited to official vital statistics certificates (Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates etc.) or an order from a court of competent jurisdiction (Name changes, Adoption, etc.).  
  • A legible and complete photocopy of any Will or Trust executed by the Original Owner and all deceased interceding heirs/devisees. 


PLEASE NOTE: The factors involved in proving relationship are quite complex, and the protection of property and its rightful return are our first concern. Therefore, based on the circumstances of each claim, additional information may be required by the Section.  If additional information is required, it will be requested in writing with an explanation of the circumstances.   If, after reading these instructions, you have further questions regarding the submission of claims or required evidence please email your questions to [email protected].


Reporting Requirements

Claim Form
ADOR 1169

Reporting Requirements

Representation Authorization Form
AZ-285 UP

Reporting Requirements

Escheated Estates Affidavit Form
ADOR 11168